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Wolf Woman, by HMC. Part of the Darkly Never After Charity Anthology.Wolf Woman HC

Bones line the walls, stories told and long forgotten: man, woman, child, rattlesnake, and crow, all playing a part in the infinite world.

La Loba sings.

She stands above him, raises her arms, and lets the sound come from the depths of her being, a growl in the gut. There are cries of pain, notes of fear, tones of peace, and a voice of love. She sings to the wolf.

Wolf Woman, La Loba, Keeper of  Bones, inhales the air so it fills her very soul, and shakes off the ache of age.



Little Cuts

LITTLE CUTS is a collection of fourLittle Cuts HMC small short stories. It follows a misfit teen who is tormented by ghosts in HILARY’S SHADOW, a young girl who is haunted by the death of her father in RING AROUND THE ROSIE, a woman who has fought vicious, mind-altering machines in TECH DEATH 2040, and a teenage boy who loses everything in CATALINA. Little Cuts will not only give you the heebeegeebees, but it will make you laugh, and cry, too.

Little Cuts is a quick, and enjoyable read, with a bonus PREVIEW of HMC’s new young adult horror, THE WATER SEER – coming to Amazon.

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Heroes and Villains

Heroes and Villains

Watch out for HMC’s latest thriller, RED HANDS, in the Heroes and Villains anthology from The Fiction Writers Group.

“Girls love Nicky, and he loves them right back. In the summer of ’52, the unspeakable happens, and Nicky finds ‘the one.’ Will Daphne Carmichael be the one to change him for the better, or will Nicky’s dark side reign supreme? Will Daphne become just another victim?”





Coming SoonThe Water Seer by HMC

HMC’s next full-length novel, The Water Seer, is coming in 2015.

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HMC’s Psychological Thriller WHITE WALLS hit number 25 for medical thrillers in the UK. See the trailer!



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