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Latest Release, Arid Lands, hits top 25 for Dystopian stories on Amazon Australia!


Elizabeth’s family is dying. Not only must they face off with the murdering mutated animals of the wasteland, but they are running out of food, water, and air. She will go to great lengths to protect her sister, Mary, against the harsh world they live in – the roving, raping Arids, the giant snakes, lizards, and birds that’ll slit you open or eat you alive. They do the best they can in a world devastated by warfare.

When Elizabeth is attacked by an eagle and survives, something dark takes over her. Will she be the one to protect her family, or the one to destroy them?

Arid Lands is an action-packed volume of short stories inspired by Bethesda’s Fallout 3 and Borderlands.



HMC’s Psychological Thriller WHITE WALLS hit number 25 for medical thrillers in the UK. See the trailer!


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Other News

HMC will be releasing a series of children’s novels under the penname Hayley Merelle, in 2015. Watch out for Robert Mumpkin Myer and the Wish Makers!

White Walls has been selected by Dennis Jones and Associates book distributors, and is now available in book stores across AUSTRALIA.

Keep your eye out for HMC’s work in these anthologies: HMC is part of the ‘Writers’ Anarchy.’ http://writersanarchy.com/ She is also part of the ‘Tales of Australia — Great Southern Land’ anthology See it HERE