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Writers’ Anarchy IV

Ghosts haunt the corridors, masks possess, and horrifying giants roam the countryside in this collection of insidious, unsettling horror. Challenge your perceptions. Be thrilled by classic and modern takes on one of the oldest genres of fiction in the world. Featuring a wide array of stories from writers all across the globe, Writers’ Anarchy IV is sure to chill with its tales of the monsters in our minds, and the horrors of the soul.

By Jim Tritten on December 8, 2015

“Give this a try if you like the genre. You could do significantly worse.”

THE WATER SEER –  A “Readers’ Favourite”

‘HMC’s young adult urban/paranormal fantasy, The Water Seer, is everything one looks for in a book of this genre’ ~ Jack Magnus of Readers’ Favourite International Reviews


The Water Seer

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When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. ...

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